You've got questions? We've got answers!

Where are you?  
How do I pay for eggs?
    • Check out right on the website to use a card, or leave cash/check:) 
What ingredients do you use?
    • I'm sure picky on ingredients.  We won't fee you anything we won't feed us, including: food dyes (with the exception of the rare sprinkle), high fructose corn syrup, msg
    How about allergies?
    • We are 100% tree nut free (I'm allergic to those:).  Our kitchen is not peanut free, but we never make peanut things at the same time as anything else.  All utensils and counters are stainless and sanitized before and after peanut projects.  
    • We do have items made without gluten which are great for those just watching their gluten intake, but we are not a gluten free kitchen for celiacs.  
    Can I send a gift?
      • Always!  Any order can be a gift, just drop us an email and we'll gladly include a handwritten card too!